An iPad for Women?

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I’ve never been great with electronics. About a year ago I purchased my first touch-screen phone (iPhone) and I will admit – it took some adjusting. All of the apps! All of the capabilities! It’s like I was lost in a world of icons.

Luckily for me and my gender, Middle-East based  company Eurostar Group has come up with a solution for our technological handicap: the ePad Femme. The “world’s first tablet made exclusively for women,” the ePad Femme comes preloaded with applications that we, as females, will most definitely be interested in. For example, since all women enjoy grocery shopping and cooking for their husbands, there are recipe and shopping list apps. And since we all enjoy yoga, there’s an app for that as well!

The background of the tablet is even preset in a pretty pink hue! And the touch-screen icons are the perfect size for our dainty, feeble fingers. Whoever designed this product really knows his audience. Costing only $190, this tablet is a steal compared to the iPad (we do stay home with the kids all day, so we don’t necessarily have the extra income for those luxuries).

And if our poor eyes get tired from too much recipe reading, we can just pull out our BIC for Her and do things the old-fashioned way!

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