Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down

I’m really not okay with heights. Like, if I had been on the plane where people were doing the Harlem Shake, I would have probably had a breakdown. So you can only imagine how I felt when I came across these images on Francesco Mugnai’s blog.

In the pictures, the scenery in its own right is breathtaking, but when you combine the awesomeness of height with precariously positioned people it truly becomes sublime. Humans by nature are so fragile and when you juxtapose them with the power, the majesty, the limitlessness of our beautiful planet, it puts things into a perspective that while, to me, is admittedly blood-curdling, at the same time they have to make even the most devout acrophobe grateful for living.  Anyway, that’s just how I see things from where I sit, on the north side of the 2nd floor of a Boylston Street office building gladly without a direct window view, which for now is where I will stay. Here are some of my favorites:

ben1Image source Reddit

ben2Image source Luc Rousseau

Image source BeautifulDecay.com

ben4Image source ArmchairAdventurista.com

ben5Image source TheZooom.com

ben6Image source Climbing.co.za

If you’d like to see all the pictures, follow the link here.

Posted by Ben

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