I Knew You Were a Goat When You Walked Innnnn

Goats. Right now, they’re taking the music industry by storm. And as most spoofs do, it all started with Taylor Swift.

Whoever thought to synchronize screaming goats to the tune of Taylor Swift’s song “Trouble” is a pure genius in my book. Give that person a Nobel Prize. I constantly find myself laughing after watching video after video of goats singing to the latest tunes.

Unfortunately, these artfully crafted songs lessen the vocal credibility of some artists (cough cough, Swiftie), but others are just hilarious parodies where goat grunts and screams are inserted. If you don’t believe me, take a look at my top five goat parody videos for yourself. Dare ya not to laugh!

carolynImage source shoeuntied.wordpress.com

5) Maroon 5 – She Will be Loved

Because every goat needs some lovin’ from Adam Levine. The romantic-to-hilarious transition kills me.

4) Katy Perry – Firework

K.P. gives goats everywhere the self-esteem they need to succeed. Baby you’re a fireeeeeeeeeeegoat!

3) Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

Whitney’s powerful words show goats of her unconditional love. Thanks girl!

2) Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a Prayer

This throwback is a close tie for second. Bon Jovi helps goats keep the faith.

1) Taylor Swift – Trouble

Could a goat actually have similar singing abilities to T-Swift? Yes! The accuracy here is scary.

Watch out Swiftie, a goat may actually accept your next Grammy award!

Posted by Carolyn

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