Fake It Until You Make It

erinImage source DigitalTrends.com

Back in April, I wrote a captivating post on GirlfriendHire, a site that allows girls to offer girlfriend “services,” from homework help to love advice, to boys for just $5. Unfortunately for the Internet, this site is still up and running, and as you can imagine, not too many girls are offering tutoring services… if you know what I mean.

A new site, Fake Internet Girlfriend, is taking a similar approach to helping insecure boys appear to be ladies’ men on social networks, but instead is designed to appeal to men who are willing to spend a little more than just pocket change.

For the hefty price of $250 a month (actually $750, because you have to sign up for a 3 month minimum), a strange woman whom you have never met will pretend to be your girlfriend, setting up a Facebook profile (because no relationship is offish without the “in a relationship” status), calling or leaving a voicemail twice a month, and up to 10 texts a month at times of your choosing.

But wait, it gets better: for $100 MORE a month, you can try the “gamer girl package,” where they find a girl to play games with you such as World of Warcraft or Everquest. Not only can you impress your human friends, you can impress gamers across the world who probably don’t care at all about your relationship status anyway.

And for those who are looking to pay to have more drama in their life:

“Truth is, it would cost you way more than $250 a month if you had a real girlfriend. Only we don’t come with all the drama. Well unless you want that. We can always throw in a fake fight or two if that is what makes you happy.” (More than $250 a month? Who are these people dating, a Kardashian? Give me a pizza and a movie on the couch and I’m a happy camper.)

This is sort of like Catfish, except instead of being fooled into thinking you’re dating someone who is not at all likely to be who they say they are, you are fooling OTHERS into thinking you are dating someone who is not at all likely to be who they say they are. Gosh, this is just getting confusing now. I am blowing my own mind while writing this.

How will we ever know who is actually in a relationship now? I mean, since everyone else’s personal life is absolutely my business, I will definitely have to spend more time stalking people on the Internet to know what’s up. You will not Catfish me, strange, desperate people of Facebook!

What ever happened to being single and lovin’it… amiright ladiessss?!

Posted by Erin

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