The Stupidest YouTube Craze Yet

Now that there’s a 3 in front of my age I make sure to regularly check in with the 25-and-under crowd in the office to be sure I haven’t missed out on any new trend or viral sensation. That’s why my first reaction when hearing about “gallon smashing” yesterday was to immediately turn to Ben and ask if he knew what it was.

To my relief, he had never heard of it. Which means that 1) I’m hopefully not out of the loop yet and 2) that this stupid “trend” hasn’t caught on with the masses yet. There’s still hope in society.

Sure the Harlem Shake may look stupid and Gangnam Style was annoying after the first 30 seconds but both were pretty harmless, aside from thousands of productive hours wasted by the general public. On the other hand, gallon smashing, a YouTube sensation started by some punk-a** teenagers in Virginia, is wasteful, disrespectful and completely aggravating.

emilyImage source

The videos contain shots of teenagers strolling through grocery stores with jugs of milk and juice in their hands, seemingly normal shoppers, until they throw themselves up in the air, slamming the jugs into shelves and displays, knocking over things and spilling milk everywhere. The apparent humor comes in filming the reactions of unsuspecting bystanders attempting to help them up.

Without wanting to sound like a crabby old lady shaking my cane at the pesky neighbor kids, I was fuming by the time I finished watching the YouTube video. (Which apparently has been removed by the original party since last week.)

Not only is it a completely annoying idea, but one that uses store product that they haven’t paid for, wastes food in a time when food costs are only rising, and creates a mess that someone probably getting paid minimum wage has to now deal with. Even more, one instance on the video shows a display fixture fall apart when a milk jug slams into it.

We all do stupid stuff as teenagers. I still do stupid things sometimes. I just hope that people are smart enough not to make this the next big craze. Unfortunately, it sounds like some teenagers in Utah have already been dumb enough to try, and were charged with disorderly conduct as a result.

So, at least until this trend passes, the only people I’ll be helping up from a fall is the senior citizen crowd.

Posted by Emily

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