Gallon Smashing

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Sick of Harlem Shake videos yet? I’m going to assume you are. Sick of funny YouTube fads? Probably, but make an exception for this new trend Gallon Smashing.

While I am no connoisseur like Dave Becker, I stumbled across this on Twitter one evening and with a name like “The thing that beats HARLEM SHAKE” how could I not watch?

Gallon Smashing is the latest in internet prank fads and really needs no explanation. The concept is basic: carry a gallon of milk/juice in each hand, pretend to fall in the grocery store and have your friend record it. Sounds pretty lame when I put it like that, but this video had me laughing the whole time.

By now there are hundreds of copy-cat videos of this on YouTube, so do a little “gallon smashing” search when you need a good laugh – you won’t regret it. Unless you’re the guy who has to respond to “clean up in aisle three!”

Posted by Nina

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