Whiskey Business

St. Paddy’s Day is right around the corner (a month in holiday terms is right around the corner!) and lately, I have been inundated with a seemingly continuous stream of invites to bar crawls to celebrate the alcholiday. Honestly, I’m still recovering from last year and I’m not quite ready to muster the intestinal fortitude necessary to survive it again.

Fortunately for folks like me, St Patrick’s Day isn’t just a time for drinking; it’s also time to dress like a fool. Most people will stick to wearing a dash of green, many will go for an outfit entirely made of green, and some will wear these:

benben2Image source Bonobos.com

Meet “Whiskey Business,” Bonobos’ 100% Cotton St. Paddy’s Day Chinos. I’m all for making a fool of myself, but these are pretty ridiculous. I love Bonobos – they have a great cut and quality – but who is going to pay $120 for a pair of pants they are going to wear once a year? Unless the bar crawl comes before the purchase, that is!

Posted by Ben

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