My Strange Addiction: Strange Addictions

jenImage source BuzzFeed

Welcome to my own personal hell, aka the time of year where I can no longer channel surf to pass the time. See, I usually flip to TLC in hopes of finding a young girl picking out her wedding dress, or even a family with 28 kids attempting to go to the zoo. Yet at this point in the TV cycle, now when I turn to TLC for a dose of “Toddlers & Tiaras” I’m instead forced to witness a woman eating couch cushions, or laundry detergent, or her deceased husband’s ashes…and I can’t stop watching! Don’t get me wrong, I am repulsed, horrified, and most of the time shocked, and then I accidentally watch the entire episode.  Who could turn on HGTV when a man is gobbling down light bulbs over at TLC. Yes, I admit it, I’m addicted to strange addictions.

jen2Image source BuzzFeed

While the odd eating disorders are standout episodes, I prefer the relationship addictions.  One woman’s deep and passionate love with the Berlin wall makes Romeo and Juliet look like amateurs (she sleeps with a toy model of it). Season 3 boasts a man with an unusual attachment to his inflatable pool toys, a cat licker, and people who take their morning coffee to an entirely new level.

The 12-step process to getting over my addiction includes avoiding TLC like the plague – even if it means missing out on Honey Boo Boo wrestling in a vat of ketchup. The commercials are deadly. I don’t know what it is about the 30-minute episodes that have me so enamored. Perhaps a feeling of eternal gratefulness that I don’t feel the urge to chomp on a piece of dry wall? Yes, I am so NORMAL! But for my sanity, can we please get “Little People, Big World” back on?

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