Move Over Botox, Stars are Getting Vampy

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Just when we thought the vampire craze was finally on the outs (okay, I thought the Twilight fad was getting old a long time ago), the creepy blood-suckers have popped up again in the most unlikely of places – plastic surgery.

According to The Independent, Vampire FaceLifts have overtaken Botox as the new celebrity wrinkle-smoother of choice, with crease-free results on the likes of glowing mommy-to-be Kim Kardashian and Pushing Daisies star Anna Friel.

The uber-creepy procedure involves drawing blood from aged areas of the face and then re-injecting the blood’s components to boost production of new blood cells and collagen. Oh lordy, I feel woozy at the thought. Like Botox, the vampy solution isn’t permanent and requires regular upkeep once it wears off (think: bi-annual blood sucking for-ev-er).

I’m not rushing to the operating room for one of these bloody nip-tucks anytime soon, but a nod from Plastic Surgeon Paul Nassif, hubby of one of my fave RHOBH gals, does make it seem a little more reputable (What!?).

If nothing else, I foresee a new level of Twi-hard fan status coming on. Oy vey…

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