Navigating the Nail Scene

Between the addition of E! Live from the Red Carpet’s Mani Cam this awards season and Sally Hansen’s recent development of sticking shiny prints on your nails, the beauty scene of late has raised the fingertip bar. The classic French will no longer do and now, more than ever, you’re expected to make a statement with your nails. For some, this new beauty requirement is just another item to add to their routine while others enjoy chasing the trends.

For the more conservative yet trend-conscious gals out there pale nails are the way to go this spring, according to Harpers Bazaar. An absolute, total score for the simple chicks!

Image source babble

Some call it French with a twist but pale nail’s cousin, diagonal pop of color, is another trend I can totally jump on board with. It’s daring, yet sophisticated. And did I mention the color combination possibilities!?

Image source babble

Now for the trendy styles. I’ll admit I’m conflicted over my opinions on the following looks. Sometimes I think they are simply outrageous whereas other times I wonder if I’m just not cool enough to appreciate them. Either way, here we go…
The Edgy Element. It is beyond me how an amateur nail stylist such as myself is supposed to recreate this look in the first place. But to the girl who can casually rock these fierce nails, cheers.

Image source babble

Don’t find the Edgy Element edgy enough? How about some leather nails? Texture is (apparently) a must this season and the look seems to be easily accomplishable. Essie has created a polish to help your nails stay on point with the Repstyle Collection. All you have to do is sweep the provided magnet over two coats of the polish and ta-da! Scale look accomplished!

Image source VOGUE

Then we have the Blood Manicure. You have got to be kidding me. I get it America, we’re still holding onto all things Twilight, but enough is enough. Time to move on.

Image source babble

So there you have it, whether you agree with these trends or not, brace yourself to see them around this spring and summer.

Posted by Laura

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