The Most Bro-tastic Idea of All Time

I’m all about bro-in’ out. Boston is home to some of the bro-est of the bros, so I’m quite at home.

I love gettin’ a fist bump here or there with the occasional “Sup bro?” In fact, one of my favorite (repetitive) television moments was when the cast of Jersey Shore frequently proclaimed and joked “She’s too young for you bro!” How about the “U Mad Bro?” memes coupled with t-shirts that proclaim in loud lettering, “COME AT ME BRO?” A guy who wears a shirt like that is after my own heart.

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All jokes (and bros) aside, there’s a new bro in town. Enter Thanks, Bro – the ultimate man gift from one bro to another.  As a girl, I write cute, and preppy thank you notes to friends acknowledging their kindness or generosity. But bros wouldn’t be caught dead with a monogrammed thank you note. Sidebar: bitches love monogrammed thank you notes. Bros would rather send a couple brewskis your way and call it a day. Thanks, bro does exactly that – and a little bit more.

The self-proclaimed “greatest invention since the high five” is a beer and beef jerky delivery service. Their mission: “To banish the oppressive stigma of bro-on-bro gifting.” Their website says it’s the ultimate thank you, so you don’t have to resort to sending another bro fruit, flowers, candy, or something equally not up to a bro’s standards. So what’s exactly in a gift arrangement? Two 2 oz. bags of mouth-watering SlantShack original flavor jerky, a Beer On the Wall gift certificate, an unopened wax pack of 1990 Topps football cards, a “Please Jerk Responsibly” wristband, and a sandpaper-stock thank you (or whatever the occasion may be) note. There are several other options to choose from to satisfy your wildest bro desires, so let your wallet run wild.

Image source

Clearly Thanks, bro is going places because the brand just announced plans to go national. So next time you need to thank one of your bros, you know where to go. You’re welcome, bro!

Posted by Carolyn

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