A Vegan Feast for the Eyes

abbyImage source IFC

Marlo made a great point in our weekly staff meeting recently – people love reading about veganism, even if they have no intention of adopting the diet. That attraction now extends to watching the vegan lifestyle at play, exemplified by the latest webisode of Kumail Tours Portland. From IFC, the folks who brought us cult-favorite Portlandia, the show follows comedian Kumail Nanjiani to Casa Diablo, ostensibly the world’s first and only vegan strip club (so I guess it’s fine to stare at flesh, just as long as you don’t eat it).

In a revealing interview with club owner Johnny Diablo (who looks better suited to a Hell’s Angels bar in Tennessee than a vegan establishment of any kind), Kumail learns that Portland is the vegan hub of the US (likely true), as well as the country’s strip club capital. That obvious lie aside, Johnny divulges that he doesn’t require his gals to be vegan, but does cop to preaching a meat-free way of life to both employees and patrons.

Taking a look at the back of the house, Kumail gets a peek at what exactly vegan strip club fare looks like (hint: pretty much the same as you’d expect from any normal bump-and-grind joint, but with way more hummus and textured vegetable proteins). Stripper Moxie even provides a firsthand lesson on how to eat vegan nachos while looking sexy (though girlfriend looks like she should lay off the dairy-free cheese, if you ask me).

Moral of the story, I’m not sure how many dudes out there are seeking a lap dance with a side of soy protein buffalo wings, but at least it makes great entertainment for us carnivores!

Posted by Abby

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