Beauty Finds For When The Cold Gets Old

Now that Nemo’s three feet of pretty white snow has become dirty brownish slush, the season is getting tired fast. How much longer until we can go tightless in skirts and wear flats without freezing our pasty ankles off? There are only so many ways to rock a scarf and I’m positive I’ve exhausted all of them.

To get through the last few miserable weeks of winter, I turn to a trio of beauty products that, even in the darkest moments, promise me life, liberty and the pursuit of a faux glow. Stick with this golden trinity and the season can only go up from here.

Kate Somerville 360°™ Tanning Towelettesmary
Image source Sephora

These things are the cream of the crop when it comes to self-tanning concoctions. My younger, sillier self once thought L’Oreal did the job but I didn’t know faux glow until I encountered these little miracle workers (Shout-out to resident beauty mogul BB for the intro!). One towelette covers your whole bod (or cut them in half to get twice the bang for your buck) and leaves you streak-free and lightly bronzed in hours.

Sun Beam by benefit in golden bronze

Image source

Blend a dollop of this golden goo over your cheekbones for a naturally sun-kissed look even in the dreary dead of winter.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray

Image source John Freida

Okay, so it won’t make you any tanner, but all the blondies in the house know what it’s like to go from summery beach-blonde locks to a gloomy dark yellow when the seasons change. This drugstore solution is the grown-up version of the ghastly Sun-In we all experimented with as teens.

Bronze away, winter haters! Just don’t go too heavy on the applications…

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