Weapons of Mass Seduction

abbyImage source The Frisky

In a world where we glamorize creative acts of fictional gore (see for example any Quentin Tarantino movie, the Saw series, even The Hunger Games), it took some real-life ingenuity to dream up using what your mama gave ya to exact the ultimate revenge. Now, I want to clarify that I don’t condone violence and am categorically anti-murder (um, duh), but I’ve gotta hand it to a few scorned chicas who recently put their sexuality to work by killing (or attempting to kill) their good-for-nothing SOs using only their naughty bits.

How, you ask? Take the story of Donna Marie Lange, a Washington woman who smothered her beau with her breasts during a heated domestic dispute. Or look to the Brazilian bombshell who allegedly put a toxic plant substance on her hoo-ha, then asked her hubby to perform oral sex. Fortunately for the fellow, the assassination plot was foiled when he noticed a “strange smell” emanating from her nethers, but I’ve gotta give this chick credit for her brazen poisoning attempt.

Talk about using sex as a weapon!

Posted by Abby

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