Let the Games Begin!

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For a wide array of reasons, women (and more men than you would think!) swoon over the ABC goldmine, “The Bachelor.” Although I am a relatively new member to “The Bachelor” cult, in just three seasons I’ve managed to become completely invested in the well-being of the contestants. Yes folks, I am that girl who sighs at the over-the-top romantic scenes, cheers when my favorite hopeful receives a rose and mourns when they do not make it through to the next week. Sure that sounds a little dramatic, but you get the idea.

Last week was the premier of Sean Lowe’s season. Can you say HUNK? Not only is he a blonde hair, blue-eyed Southern gentleman BUT he prides himself on being a family man. SWOON. We watched his heart break into a million pieces last season, but will he find the girl to make his heart whole again this time around? If this past week’s episode is any indication of his ability to choose “the one,” it seems as if Sean will hit a few bumps on the road to marriage. Only time will tell…

Similar to many of the young professionals who watch this show, I hesitate to share this quality about myself for fear of judgment. I often wonder why I even waste two hours a week watching this show. (And yes, it is completely necessary for each episode to be two hours long!) After all, nothing makes the women studies minor in me cringe more than watching 26 women pine for the attention of one man. Perhaps it’s the ability to watch a first date crash and burn from a safe distance. Or maybe it’s the predictability of watching the contestants fall madly and completely in “love.” Either way, loyal viewers can agree on the satisfaction they receive by rooting on their favorite gal.

And with that, I present to you a way to make your Bachelor viewing this season a little less lonely and a whole lot more competitive… a good ole fashioned bracket. A bracket, you say? Yes. Think Fantasy Football style. And Sean even played football in college, how fitting! My roommate and I experimented with the bracket idea this past summer and it was a complete hit with other Bachelor enthusiasts. Follow these rules to make your own!

1.  Wait until you’re 3-5 weeks into the show. Use this time to carefully observe the contestants and weigh the pros and cons of those remaining.

2.  The bracket should be one-sided, decreasing by one each week. Note: In some episodes, more than one contestant leaves which can complicate your bracket. Choose wisely!



The more friends you have involved, the more fun and competitive the bracket becomes.

Best of luck and let the games begin!

Posted by Laura

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