Waiting to Inhale

abbyImage source Vaportini

There exists an odd dichotomy in the food world between super-simple, rustic dishes touting the glories of the bare minimum and modernist monstrosities that nip and tuck every ingredient until it’s almost unrecognizable. The same trend applies more and more to the beverage industry, of late, where straightforward, classic cocktails sit side-by-side with liquid nitrogen-spiked tipples and drinks that more closely resemble chemistry experiments. And now booze has taken a violent shove into the mad scientist mindset with the launch of Vaportini, a vaporizer that lets you inhale your alcohol, quite literally.

The gadget works similar to a traditional vaporizer (you know, the ones at shady-looking head shops billed as tools for aromatherapy or smoking tobacco) and gently heats the alcohol until it releases intoxicating vapors to be inhaled through a straw. Beyond offering a nearly instantaneous effect (the vapors are absorbed directly into the bloodstream), inhaling hooch boasts a few other benefits – no carbs, no calories and no impurities (we’re sensing a lot of broken no-alcohol New Year’s resolutions on the horizon). And to all the cocktail nerds who value the nuances of different spirits, fear not! The Vaportini still allows you to taste the subtleties and flavors in your drink of choice.

Folks have gotten pretty creative about the way they ingest their booze (we’ve even covered a few here before), but I have to say, this may even put Grant Achatz’s porthole infuser to shame.

Posted by Abby

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