The Nastiest Gal in 2012: Sophie Amoruso

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“My philosophy is that you sell things for more than you bought them.”

What started out as an attempt to transform vintage clothing from Salvation Army into spunky vintage fashion has turned into a $250 million company. The founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, 28 year old Sophie Amoruso, began by selling her creations on eBay in an attempt to find an artsy alternative to her competitors.  Nasty Gal is run exclusively online and has little official marketing. The company is followed by their online fan base through frequent posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their personal blog. Okay, I admit, I have done a little social network stalking.

The Nasty Gal blog isn’t just filled with chic models (who could probably use a sandwich) posing in their clothing. There is also a “Lessons from the Pros” section which shares how-to-tips on make-up, layering, and possible fashion combinations in the winter months. Check out these helpful tips for putting on your favorite red lipstick flawlessly.

In the first three years alone, Amoruso’s clothing line has become a global and blogger phenomenon achieving an 11,200% profit increase – definitely a fashion mogul to watch! Lacking a college degree has not stopped this fashionista, as her no non-sense approach to business has landed her on the Forbes 400 Richest Americans, and in the process taking some money from my pocket as well.  Undoubtedly, 2012 was the year for Miss Amoruso. To Nasty Gals everywhere – unite!

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One response to “The Nastiest Gal in 2012: Sophie Amoruso

  1. Sophie is just an inspiration to all of us trying to make it in this world! Love.

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