JT’s Bringing Sexy Back… AGAIN!

carlaImage source MTV Buzzworthy

‘Tis true. It’s been a looooooong six years, but the music gods have finally answered my prayers. Justin Timberlake, JT, ex-best-looking-member-of-NSync (man, did I love those curly frosted tips!) is BACK, people! After teasing 15 million of us on Twitter just a couple of weeks ago, he has finally announced that he will be releasing a new album this year.

As an avid JT fan, one can only imagine the thoughts running through my head that maybe, just maybe, Justin Timberlake will be coming back to music again after reading the tweet that started it all:

“I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy 2013… It’s gonna be fun to see what the new year has in store for all of us. #youneverknow

Alas, just last week, the legend released his first new single of 2013 entitled, “Suit & Tie” featuring Jay-Z (*cue 15 million girls fainting*). Phew, and I thought he was a goner! I mean, the man did get hitched this year (still crossing my fingers for a Britney & Justin fairytale ending), and starred in movie roles such as “Friends with Benefits,” “The Social Network,” and “Trouble With the Curve.” I needn’t have worried….in this flirty yet mellow track Justin channels a Robin Thicke-esque flow, hitting all those high notes yet keeping it sexy. Already at number 1 on iTunes, it’s looking like it’s going to be an amazing year for Justin (and for all of us!). Can’t wait for the new album; “The 20/20 Experience  hits stores this year. I’ll take 10. And a side of sexy!

Check out Justin’s in-studio clip ‘I’m Ready’ where he talks about this long awaited “comeback.”

Posted by Carla

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