Luv Shaq, Baby.


Apparently Shaquille O’Neal has found a way to raise the bar on cheesy celebrity brand extensions.  Yep, it was announced at the end of last year that the former NBA star is launching his own brand of vodka this spring, appropriately named something incredibly corny and ridiculous – Luv Shaq. (The members of the B-52’s are crying right now. Although that’s not terribly new to them.)

Joining the likes of spirits from Bruce Willis, P. Diddy and Ron Jeremy in the celebrity-owned liquor category, Luv Shaq will be coconut flavored as well as sugar- and gluten-free, which I hate to admit, actually intrigues me. That is, if I can get over the fact that I’m pouring something from a bottle that features an image of Shaquille O’Neal wearing giant angel wings.

Picture this being poured into your cocktail…

shaqImage source Emily

According to Devotion Spirits the product will be positioned toward “image-conscious men and women who live active lifestyles.”  i.e.: This guy:

emily2Image source

Sounds like it will be big on the Jersey Shore.

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