Expecting a Bambino? Eat This Dish!

scalini eggplant babyImage source Scalini’s

According to a restaurant in Georgia, they serve a dish that – they claim – induces labor. Although I’m not a self-proclaimed foodie, this is the first time I’ve ever heard of a baby-inducing meal with some serious evidence! This local legend is now known as “The Eggplant Baby Method.”

But let’s discuss this magical dish. Breaded eggplant smothered in cheese and thick marinara sauce. Doesn’t sound like anything extra-special right? Just heart-stoppingly good. According to the website, the legend began around 25 years ago when people casually started mentioning  in passing to the owner that they had delivered a baby after eating the dish. To date, there have been over 300 recorded pregnant female customers who have ordered the eggplant and given birth within 48 hours. And get this – if you don’t give birth within two days, (you must be at full-term) the restaurant gives the mom-to-be a gift certificate for another meal. The restaurant’s website even has a separate page completely devoted to the “eggplant babies”!

If you can’t catch a flight to Georgia to indulge in this dish, check out Scalini’s Eggplant Parmigiana Recipe. Although I’m not 100% convinced, who knows – maybe it really is a labor inducing mechanism! So if your preggers and not ready to give birth, by all means, avoid the eggplant!

Posted by Carolyn

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