Blog Stalkers Anonymous

6787933435_acf22c9239_oImage source Song of Style

Hello… my name is Cameron and I am a blog stalker.

The first step in overcoming is admittance. So there, I said it, I am a blog stalker – but just for one blog in particular. Song of Style, created by Los Angeles local Aimee Song, has a clever name and editorial-worthy photos. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, you name it, I stalk it. Undoubtedly, it also helps that she was blessed with genes that make every outfit she styles on herself flawless looking.

2-4Image source Song of Style

Named by AM New York as one of the “new influencers” in the blogging sphere, Aimee never lets me down when I need some fashion inspiration. She started her blog in 2008 to showcase her interior design ideas but turned it into a personal style blog – who wouldn’t want to post laid back, girly-grunge style outfits with a fierce twist and shoes for days? With daily posts of her lavish #OOTD (outfit of the day), that I check/stalk – whatever you want to call it – on Instagram, you can see she has an eye for trends. With her new-found fame, brands are reaching out with endorsement deals resulting in Aimee cashing in numerous freebies – yes please! From thrift shop denim shorts to designer handbags and jewelry, you can only imagine what her closet looks like.

Wait, you don’t have you! Since her real job is an interior designer, I would expect an exposé of her self-made and designed closet and mountains of clothes – and boy was I right! Here’s a little taste of what your closet will never amount to… Sad, I know, but you can just live vicariously through stalking her like I have.

cam3cam4Image source Song of Style

Didn’t get your fix from these pictures? Check out the closet video tour she posted to her blog! Go ahead and click that “follow” button…there ain’t nothing wrong with embracing your new addiction!

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