Fete of the Fetus

erinImage source Yahoo! Shine

Gender reveal parties are so 2012. The new trend in baby parties lets your closest friends and family (or whomever you choose, really) get a bit more intimately involved in your pregnancy. I’m talking ultrasound parties.

Yep, your friends and family no longer have to wait until you give birth to welcome your little one to the world. Now they can enjoy your baby’s fetus, and the rest of your insides, while you lay on a table fully exposing your gelled-up, stretchmarked belly, ultrasound tech by your side. Sounds like a party to me.

But as Dr. Amber Sills pointed out to TODAY.com, the main purpose of an ultrasound is not to reveal the gender of the baby, but to “diagnose chromosomal disorders, malformations, and to aid in estimating fetal weight or the amount of amniotic fluid.”

Therefore, Sills, and hopefully all other ultrasound techs, recommend getting a routine anatomy scan before making the big reveal to friends and fam. “If the ultrasonographer at the party sees something irregular during the scan, they will likely not say anything due to the potential legal implications,” Sills said. “It’s kind of a liability nightmare.” That’s one way to put it.

Friends and family: I would prefer not to see your baby looking all alien and fetus-y. Hit me up when that beautiful bundle of joy is born and clothed. And, as much as I love perusing the baby aisles of Target, don’t expect me to bring a gift to your gender reveal, ultrasound party, and baby shower. Unless there’s booze, of course.

Posted by Erin

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