OK Cupid: It’s Just Okay

online-romanceImage source InfosecIndia.com

I recently joined OKCupid! with little (but not zero) hope for a real-world connection. How much can you really expect from a service that bills itself as “the Google of online dating”? Not that I’m cynical or anything…

In the two-ish weeks since I joined, my inbox has been inundated with updates: Someone chose you! You are hot! Thanks for the confidence booster, OKC. Mostly, though, I’m just barraged with messages from guys (humblebrag!). Some are nice. Most are ridiculous.

Here are a few highlights:

  • I think your kind of sexy. Thanks for the half-compliment, bud. I think you’re kind of bad at conjunctions.
  • What’re you doing with your life? Also, hello? What are you doing with your life. The ultimate ice breaker. Try that one at a party!
  • you wana be my friend?? get to know each other more.. may be dinner or drinks.. hook up..see where it leads… So many incorrect ellipses! I’m intrigued…
  • hey! so can you pleaaase tell me you’re single. lol! Hahahahahahahahaha! Of course I’m single…that’s the joke, right? Right? LOL!
  • Hey, ever been to Liberty Hotel? Yes I have! In fact, that’s why I’m online instead of downing bad prosecco at Alibi.
  • beautiful smile lol. What are you laughing at?
  • I dont suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it… Lol! WHAT IS WITH THE LOLS? This is also possibly the worst introduction ever. Wait, no, that goes to this guy:
  • hey im brad, im unemployed and i live with my parents
  • Honestly, would you be interested in casual sex? Honestly? No. No!

Dating in the new year! LOL!

Posted by Susannah

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