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HBO’s “GIRLS” is one of those shows that a lot of guys wouldn’t admit they watch. I love “GIRLS.” It’s hilarious, irreverent, and highly reflective of the way young women speak (abbrevs to the max) and behave fresh out of college. This is “Generation Stuck”’s TV – phone bills are paid by parents, jobs aren’t what you hoped they would be – there’s a general feeling of disappointment and settling (particularly in relationships).

Season 2 of “GIRLS” is coming back in mid-January.  To coincide with the premier is a new nail polish line inspired by the TV show. For some reason this shocked me. I, personally, think it’s kinda lame. For a show that differentiates itself in so many ways – grotesque nudity seems the most apt example – this seems like an odd form of selling out.

However, in no way has this diminished my excitement for the next season. Here are some of my favorite quotes from last season:






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Image source BuzzFeed

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