Notes From My Friend Julia (Sort of…)

8cardsImage source

I have a constant stationary crush. I could spend hours perusing the shelves of Papyrus or Paper Source and have coughed up many of my hard-earned dollars on Crane and Co. paper goods (seriously though, how cute are my newest little pink bee notes!?).

Another strange crush of mine comes in the form of a deceased, six-foot-two female. No, not a b-ball player, the one and only Julia Child. With that boisterous voice and no-nonsense boldness in the kitchen, how could you not want to befriend her?

Anyways, a recent discovery has me crushin’ more than ever on a perfect combination of the two. Alexandra’s Kitchen’s Julia Child Notecards bring some of JC’s serious sass to paper. The insanely cute (and well-priced!) notes are printed with some of Julia’s best anecdotes on living like “Life itself is the proper binge” and “You’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” Others offer philosophies on food along the lines of “Every woman should have a blowtorch” and “The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook” (true dat, sista!).

Now that I’ve found a marriage of two of my love interests, I’ll be coughing up the cash to buy both the standard version and the birthday cards (how could I resist this one?) to appease my note-writing habits in the new year.

After all, there are worse things to stockpile than stationary. And, as my wannabe friend Julia would say, “Everything in moderation… including moderation.”

Posted by Mary

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