abbyHere at, we’re all about filling you in on the latest trends, whether food, fashion or lifestyle related. We’ve enlightened you about novel (and nasty) ways to booze, spread the gospel of meggings and introduced you to some seriously weird bacon-flavored products. True, these may be concepts and products you could just as soon live without, but don’t they make for fun cocktail party convo fodder, if nothing else? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So that’s why it’s my duty – nay, my privilege – to bring you news of the next wave in macaron flavors (hint: it involves Chester Cheetah). While the French-style cookies were undoubtedly 2012’s most sought-after dessert, particularly with famed Parisian shop Laduree making landfall in NYC and other shops popping up across the country, they needed another nudge to edge out cupcakes in both innovation and popularity. And thanks to the experimental minds at New York’s Macaron Parlour, the treat is finally getting that chance in the form of a Cheetos-flavored macaron. The nostalgic snack is dusted on two violently orange cookies, which bookend Cheetos-flavored ganache, rendering a sweet/savory dessert that’s proven to be a hit among customers.

Finally, a trend that’s both interesting AND useful. New Year’s Eve party tonight? You’re welcome.

Posted by Abby

Image source Huffington Post

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