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By day, I’m a hardworking member of the mm/c restaurant and hospitality team but by night, I live an alternate life as a TV junkie critic. I am always on the pulse of what to watch and personally, I think my taste in television shows is pretty impeccable. So as m. blog’s resident TV critic (Marlo, I’m claiming this title, cool?) here are my top seven favorite television shows of 2012. (Top ten lists are SO played out.)

 1. Mad Men

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Mad Men still continues to be my favorite show on television. It’s genius. It was off the air for 17 months before the season that aired in 2012, so when it came back last spring, I was having some mild heart palpitations. For those who say they stopped watching because the pacing is too slow, get your head examined, pick up a season 1 DVD and thank me later. This is the most interesting, intelligent and riveting show I watched in 2012. #WWPOD (What would Peggy Olson Do)

 2. Breaking Bad

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Need fast paced drama? Breaking Bad has you covered. I sit on the edge of my couch with my stomach in knots throughout every episode. Former Mr. Chips-esque Walter White has become one of the scariest and prideful mofos on television and I can’t wait to see how it all ends next year. This is a show that once the episode ends, it’s on your mind for the next week. It can also be wickedly funny. #magnetsbitch!

 3. Parks and Recreation 

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If you’re not watching Parks & Rec, you are missing out on one of the funniest and sweetest comedy ensembles on TV. The comedy has been on a roll for the past three years and will go down in history for one of the most memorable TV characters of all time. See Ron Effing Swanson above.

4. Happy Endings

You better DVR this one because you’ll find yourself rewinding every two minutes because of the non-stop one-liners. Happy Endings is a show that came into its own last year and can only be described as a much funnier Friends. The teamwork of Casey Wilson’s Penny and Adam Pally’s Max is enough reason to watch.

5. Bob’s Burgers

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Ok, I admit I wouldn’t watch Bob’s Burgers when it aired because I hate FOX’s animation domination line-up (suck it Seth MacFarlane). But Bob’s Burgers is a witty little comedy voiced by a bevy of comedians. The Belchers are the sweetest, weirdest and most hysterical family on TV and I look forward to spending time with them every Sunday night.

 6. 30 Rock

liz-lemonImage source

Giving a shout out to my girl T. Fey as 30 Rock is sadly on its way out this year. But this season has been boss and I will miss it oh so much when it is gone next year. #Lemonout

7. Treme

Guardians of the Flame emerge from Poke's Tavern to start St. Joseph's NightImage source

Treme is the best show on TV that you’re definitely not watching (no one is). Me? I’m very partial to it as I spent four years living in New Orleans after Katrina, when the show takes place. If you love music, food (Bourdain writes all the kitchen scenes!) and New Orleans, give Treme a chance. You only have one more season to do so.

Honorable mentions:

Homeland, Parenthood, GIRLS, New Girl

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