Recapping Your Year in Radio

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Unless your car doesn’t have a radio, or you live under a rock, you have heard Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake,” Gotye’s “Somebody I Used to Know,” and fun.’s “We Are Young.” But have you heard them and 22 other tracks all packed into one song?

Since 2007, Jordan Roseman, better known as DJ Earworm, has been making a mash up series titled “United State of Pop,” which features the top 25 songs of the year based off of Billboard charts.

The first time I heard one of these was in 2009, when a music blog I read posted the track. (PS, “Blame It on the Pop” has yet to be outdone by his more recent mash ups.) Since then, right around Christmas time I know to expect the annual “United State of Pop.” Though Top 40 is not my favorite, DJ Earworm has a way of making all the overplayed songs of the year into a fun and enjoyable track to recap your year in radio. This year’s usual suspects include Adele, Bruno Mars, Ke$ha, fun., Rihanna, Katy Perry, and my least favorite person ever, Flo Rida.

DJ Earworm explained his method to CNN: “I looked through all the lyrics to find what common elements there might have been. … These three concepts more or less became the verse/pre-chorus/chorus of the song.”

So yes, most songs on the radio are about the same three topics, but even if you are sick of the original versions of any of these songs, you might actually enjoy Shine Brighter. I guess it makes sense that 25 Billboard chart-toppers mixed into a four minute song will be a nation-wide crowd pleaser.

Watch all of DJ Earworm’s past “United State of Pop” here.

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