2012: Year of the Meme

Although memes have been around for a while — the term was actually coined way back in 1976 as a much wider cultural idea that gets passed from person to person — 2012 certainly brought memes to a new level. Our generation knows them as a photo with a funny caption that spreads like wildfire through the lovely, vast universe we call the Internet.

Though some people, bored and desperate for a “like” or a follow, create ridiculous, non-relevant, memes, others are actually pretty well thought-out and funny. Like, some have actually made me LOL. Since they have been everywhere this year, I have rounded up the best of the best photos-turned-memes of 2012 for your viewing pleasure:

Texts from Hilary

Image source textsfromhilary.tumblr.com

Two brilliant human beings named Stacy and Adam created this Tumblr page with brilliant memes of Hilary Clinton using a cell phone, imagining who she would be texting. Unfortunately, they stopped posting in April, but the site is still up for all to reminisce in its glory.

McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed

erin2Image source mckaylaisnotimpressed,tumblr.com

After a photo surfaced from the Olympics of McKayla doing the infamous “not impressed” face, a Tumblr page was born, memes created everywhere by everyone and their mother, and apparently she met Obama and got him to do the face with her. Jeal.

Ridiculously Photogenic Guy

Image source quickmeme.com

If you never heard about this guy, read my m.blog post from April. He still has my heart.

Overly Attached Girlfriend

Image source theoverlyattachedgirlfriend.tumblr.com

Apparently this chick’s fame came from spoofing a Justin Bieber song on YouTube, but now she’s known for psycho girlfriend memes. Poor girl is never going to get a boyfriend now.

Grumpy Cat

Image source quickmeme.com

This web-famous feline has got me (and some of my fellow marlo m/c-ers) in tears (happy, laughing tears, of course). I’ve never been so amused by a sad-looking cat in my life. Grumpy Cat, I hope 2013 brings you happiness (even if it means an end to your Internet fame).

Gangnam Style

Image source tumblr.com

Not only did this annoying song by Berklee alum Psy spark hundreds of spoof videos, it also inspired many-a-meme. As tired of the Gangnam style craze as I am, my two year-old cousin loves it and knows the dance and it is the cutest thing in the world.

2013, you better step up your game.

Posted by Erin

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