Why I’m Generally OK Being a Jew on Christmas

britta-mesochristmas1Image source UPROXX.com

Growing up, being a Jew on Christmas sucked. On January 2, I’d come back from Christmas December Vacation and would have to hear about the millions of presents my greedy, snot-nosed classmates had received. My parents did their best to compete at Hanukkah, but I do distinctly recall my gifts being quite practical – an electric toothbrush and a waffle maker to be precise. Healthier gums?! Just what every 10-year-old wants!

It may sound a little Grinchy, but now that I’m older and wiser, I have whole-heartedly embraced the being a Jew on Christmas thing. Here’s why:

No holiday shopping

20081212_noxmas_2Image source Minnesota Public Radio

Blowing my paycheck on everyone and their mother? No thanks! I’d much rather be scrooge then spend hours in line at Target buying a present for my little 2nd cousin from Ohio that doesn’t even remember my name every time I see her.

I LOVE Chinese food

I_love_Chinese_Food_by_Kraken17Image source SodaHead.com

Chinese food has to be one of the most delicious cuisines known to man and I get to eat it all day long on Christmas. I’d take a plate of deliciously greasy Peking duck over an overcooked ham any day.

Movies are awesome.

Les-Mis-WallpaperImage source FilmOFilia.com

Going to the movies? Awesome. Going to the movies when no one is there? DOUBLE AWESOME. I can’t wait to be first in line to see Les Mis on Christmas Day. Thank you, Universal for recognizing that Jews and Broadway musicals go hand in hand.

And there you have it, being a Jew on Christmas really ain’t so bad!

Posted by Jess

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