Appetizing Art

kevin baconHere at marlo, we are no strangers to bacon. Or Kevin Bacon. So imagine my glory in finding something that incorporates both. Introducing… Kevin Bacon made out of bacon.

Talented San Francisco artist Jason Mecier creates mosaic masterpieces with things like trash, food, candy and yarn. I’m particularly in love with his makeup series. And I kind of want this one of the Spice Girls made out of candy to hang over my 12 year-old self’s bed. What makes this dude even cooler: celebrities actually send him trash, clothing, keepsakes and junk from their own homes to incorporate into the designs. And Mecier creates mosaics with things that embody the subject’s personality or name – think rice for Condoleezza Rice, marijuana for Snoop Dogg, junk food for Rosie O’Donnell (ouch!), and bacon for, well, Kevin Bacon.

How does he capture such intricate details and shading? And, more importantly, how did he spend hours upon hours smelling greasy pig fat? I mean, I enjoy me some bacon, but I don’t know if I’d want to play with it all day. But, you gotta admit, Kevin Bacon’s face has never looked so tasty.

Posted by Erin

Image source Huffington Post

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