Have Yourself a Merry Pair of Meggings: Share the Lycra Love With Your Man This Holiday Season

meggingsImage source ConstructStyle.com

With the Telegraph (and thousands of outlets across the world that picked up Tom Teodorczuk’s story) warning Brits about an impending meggings trend, we have officially entered the era of third-wave leggings backlash.

First, there were leggings themselves, clinging to the toned legs of Rachel Zoe’s bananas starlets and the not-so-toned legs of… everyone else in America. Then, jeggings appeared, creating the illusion of legitimate pants-ness by adding casual denim detailing (“They do nothing. They’re not even warm” one grandma-chic teen told the Times last year.) The trend in what might otherwise be called “stretchy jeans” then begat something truly awful: pajama jeans, still available at CVS or by calling a toll-free number.

Now, men are getting in on the trend with meggings. Yes, that’s right: man leggings. The Telegraph reports that meggings “are taking Manhattan by storm” (too soon?) and could be hopping the pond any time now. Any time! Let me just say that I haven’t seen meggings in Boston or New York. Gabriel Cru, a New Yorker fabricated for quoted in the story seems to agree: “Men in tights? Get out of here. We don’t do men in tights in New York. That’s European!” Fuggedaboudit.

Regardless of whether this trend is old world or new world – or even exists – there are some, shall we say, logistical problems for men in tights. What does the modern meggings-wearing man wear to keep everything under control down there? I’m sure David Bowie knows. After all, meggings were a rockstar staple when today’s lycra-clad dude was but a glimmer in his mother’s eye.

67-bowies-in-space-03Image source Albumoriented.wordpress.com

So, for any ladies still pondering what to give your sartorially inclined man this year, get ahead of this pre-existing non-trend and buy your guy a pair of meggings. You know you’ll be slipping into your spandex after that excessive Christmas meal, so get in the holiday spirit and share the joys of elastic pants with the man who loves you enough to wear a belt and tie to your family’s celebration.

Just make sure he doesn’t leave the house.

Posted by Susannah

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