Pinterest and the President?

obama white houseImage source

Most women with an Internet connection and a pulse signed up for Pinterest this year. In fact, it was recently named the third most visited social network according to Experian Hitwise. Typical Pinterest boards range from fitness (“I’m Crazy About Fitness” and “I Be Up in the Gym”) or cooking inspiration (“YUMMMM” and “Lay off Me I’m Starving”) to styling ideas for the home, bod, face, hair, and nails – “A House to Call Home,” “Clothes, Clothes, Clothes,” “Glam Makeup,” “Hair Extraordinaire,” and “Nailed It” to name a few. With over 25.3 million unique visitors, the site has definitely made its mark. Seems like Pinterest is the perfect daydreaming tool for the average girl, but you might be shocked by one of the most recent additions to the Pinterest family. Guess who…the White House!

The first family recently introduced their Pinterest account, whitehouse, adding to their already extensive social media presence (check out their Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Flickr, and YouTube accounts). Now pinners can browse and repin presidential pics and interact directly with Obama and crew (or his PR personnel). I’m just wondering…is this new high for Pinterest a new low for America? The president promises to “share pins and boards that range from inspiring images and quotes, to infographics that help explain key issues, to details about the life inside the White House.” The goal? According to Mashable, this administration wants to “make this the most open White House in history.” Admirable, but pinning? Really?

So far the board has 7,786 followers and one pin – a picture of Bo, the first dog, posing in an invitation for the White House Social on December 17th. The big reveal of their full pinboards will be the highlight of the party, but until then, the White House asks that followers share what they hope to see on their boards. Now I’m all for our president being connected to the public, but doesn’t Obama have some bigger fish to fry? The Middle East? Global warming? National debt? Gun control? I digress…

If you actually think the president cares (or should care) about what parties and ball gowns you want to see, join the conversation and tell the White House what to put on their board before it’s too late! I, for one, will be sticking with my fashion, fitness, and food boards, and every other bit of fantasy and fun worth a pin. Sorry Bo.

Posted by Katie

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