My New Buzzfeed Obsession


I was introduced to Buzzfeed after a page I follow on Facebook posted “19 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You.” Since that post, which left me uncontrollably laughing (especially at #3, #5 and #13), I have found myself going back whenever I need a midday pick-me-up. I now feel like it is my duty to share this website jackpot with you.

Here are the funniest things I have found on Buzzfeed in the last week:

Check out this Instagram video. It really needs no explanation; everyone is guilty of having at least one of these predictable Insta photos. My only problem with this video is that now I have Nickelback’s horrible song “Photograph” stuck in my head.

16 Ugly Hanukkah Sweaters: Fellow Jews will understand that finding Hanukkah accessories for Christmas-themed parties can be like trying to find the Afikomen on Passover (Google it). You know that those bouncy dreidel headbands exist, but they don’t make them easy to find. This list provided by Buzzfeed, has me wishing I could wear #9 to the mm/c holiday party, and has me wondering where I can buy #3, so I can give it to Marlo for the holidays.

Worst Monday Ever: Mary is not the only one in this office with a love for cat humor, I am just as guilty. On Monday, Buzzfeed showed us a day in the life of their newest hire, Grumpy Cat. I keep going back to this link, and I think it gets funnier every time.

Speaking of cat humor, how does this happen!?!

So thank you Buzzfeed, for giving me quick escapes from my work day to laugh at some of the funniest web content I have ever seen, and might otherwise be forgotten about. (Personal favorites from this list include #5, #6, #12, #31, and actually all of them.)

Posted by Nina

Image source BuzzFeed

One response to “My New Buzzfeed Obsession

  1. the instagram video is great!! i am way too guilty of some of those.

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