Your New Lucky Number…17-5641

Last week, Pantone announced that Emerald is 2013’s color of the year – and I am all about it. I’d better be, as this brilliant, luxurious and sophisticated hue will be popping up all around me over the next 12 months. But I’m not excited because I have no choice so I may as well see the glass half-full; I’m excited because the color compliments everyone’s hair color and skin tone. Don’t believe me? Check this out:


Here is Christina Hendricks at the 60th Emmy Awards show. I think redheads can pull this color off the best. Red and green are complimentary colors so they bring out the best tones in one another. Redheads also tend to have fair skin, and a rich shade of emerald can help highlight that dewy glow, instead of washing you out, like a lot of other colors can.


Here is Gwyneth Paltrow in an Elie Saab emerald sequin gown at the 2011 Bambi Awards in Germany. The deep emerald hue compliments her fair skin and light hair oh-so-well! If you are a blonde – run out and buy the first thing you see that is emerald. You won’t regret it.


Here is Angelia Jolie at the 68th Golden Globe Awards in an emerald sequined Atelier Versace dress. Angie loves this color so much she even cracked a smile on the red carpet. As you can see brunettes can look ah-mazing in this jewel tone.

Why green? Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, the research division of Pantone Inc., told that “One of the attributes of emerald is that it is the color of prosperity. We are now in a political year where we have seen a lot of arguments going on about concerns with the economy, and we’re all hoping for a brighter future and a glimpse of prosperity… It is still something people aspire to have.”

Whether it’s prosperity or because it makes everyone look good, I’d say it’s high time to ring in the New Year!!!

Posted by Katherine S.

One response to “Your New Lucky Number…17-5641

  1. Great post with three fantastic dresses!

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