Eau de Pepperoni

erinImage source Pizza Hut’s Facebook

If you were to ask me what I would most like to smell like, anything relating to food would be far down on my list. I am not one to enjoy anything that makes me want to eat it, rather than use it as intended (I avoid all cupcake, gingerbread and sugar cookie-flavored lip gloss for that reason). Except for coconuts. I do like to smell like coconuts.

So it should come as no surprise that, in my opinion, fast food chains are taking the food scent thing a little too far. Whether or not it’s a publicity stunt, Pizza Hut Canada’s new perfume is not okay – on any level. What started as a joke on the company’s Facebook page turned into the real deal for the first 100 people to send the Facebook administrator a direct message.

Pizza Hut is not the first company to create bizarre fragrances, but I really hope it is the last. I don’t think I can handle sitting next to someone on the train and getting a whiff of “Eau de Meat Lovers.” On the bright side, at least there will only be 100 Canadians walking around smelling like greasy pies…

As with other food-inspired scents, this perfume is what I call a smell tease (I will copyright that). It lures you into the room thinking that delicious baked dough with melted cheese and sauce is waiting for you. But no, someone just sprayed that damn Pizza Hut fragrance. And now you’re hungry.

Damn you, Pizza Hut, damn you.

Posted by Erin

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