10 Lists You’ll Never Need to Read From Oprah’s New Huffington Post Channel


The stars aligned recently when America’s most relatable billionaire teamed up with less wealthy and considerably less relatable media mogul lady Arianna Huffington to create HuffPost OWN, a channel dedicated to “living our best lives” Oprah-style.

Correction: the stars should have aligned. HuffPost OWN was hyped as an inspirational “GPS for the Soul” guide for everyone from Beliebers to my grandmother, rich in expert advice on living fearlessly and, presumably, hugs from Oprah. But it’s actually something very different: a dumping ground for unsound self-help listicles targeting insecure single women looking for easy solutions (see: How To Figure Out Exactly What You Want).

Without further ado, here’s ten of the most insane listicles, with love from O:

10 Times to Absolutely Say Yes: Say yes to garlic, ice-skating (and questionable hyphens) and love.

9 Insanely Nice Things To Say To Your Partner Right Now: “You smell like the day I met you.” What?

6 Signs You’re Spending Too Much Time Alone: #7 is that you forgot to take the advice on the site with a grain of salt.

10 Things You Can Officially Stop Worrying About: You have Oprah’s official permission to stop worrying about your kids, finances and – of course – worrying.

9 Almost Impossible Dreams You Can Never Give Up: Never let go of goals like fat-free cheese fries (though they will inevitably taste horrible), finding your soul mate and not being in a plane crash.

If you’re looking for a way to thank me for all this life-changing advice, see 10 Insanely Nice Things You Can Say To Anyone. Eating a sandwich elegantly is one of those nearly impossible dreams I just can’t give up on.

Posted by Susannah

Image source Huffington Post

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