I’d Like To Say This Will Be My Last David Hasselhoff Post…

maryImage source Franksemails.com

But I can’t make any promises.

The Hoff’s crazy antics have granted him plenty of m.blog attention over the last couple of years (need I remind you about The Hoffsicle and his strong (drug-related) feelings?).

Now, just in time for the holidays, our pal Davey is at it again. Hasselhoff’s latest project, Lifetime movie The Christmas Consultant, follows a workaholic mom who hires The Hoff’s overgrown elf persona to plan her family’s Christmas merriment. Look out, Oscars…

Let’s be real here – the plot’s not exactly riveting. But Hoff’s ridiculous plastered grin and goofy anecdotes were enough to make me LOL at the TV screen while watching his slightly disturbing Lifetime debut. Don’t believe me? Watch the drama ensue in two of my personal favorite scenes: The Nutcracker Offense (apologies for nightmares resulting from Hoff’s face at 0:55) and The Perfect Tree (his sneaky lurking behind the pines in this one is equally terrifying).

I can’t force you to watch it, but if nothing else, follow this advice: If David Hasselhoff shows up at your door with plans to ease your Christmas-planning stress, hide your kids.

Posted by Mary

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