Welcome Hashtag Jameson!


Image source The Daily Dot

I’ll admit it, I overuse #hashtags just as much as the next social media obsessed girl, but even this crosses the line for me. Please help me in welcoming to the world, newborn baby Hashtag Jameson. That’s right, the world’s first Twitter-inspired baby name.

No one needs to question where the inspiration for this baby’s name came from. Clearly Mama Jameson spent a little too much time on Twitter over the past nine months. Maybe she should have spent more time working on her spelling…wey and luv, really?

Let’s come up with some nicknames for sweet baby Hashtag. What about Hash? Pound? #? Or maybe when she’s 21 she can be known as #ing Jameson? I’m sure that Hashtag’s classmates with normal names will come up with many clever taunts.

Or maybe I’m wrong and Hashtag will fit right in. Apparently a couple in Israel named their child Like, after the Facebook feature, and a father in Egypt named his daughter Facebook. Hashtag, Like and Facebook should have a playgroup, accompanied by their social media-obsessed parents.

Whether or not Hashtag will be teased or embraced by her peers, I am certain that this weird baby name fad is not something in which I will ever take part. But for any parents looking to name their newborn after a recent trend, consider Sandy, Gangnam, Belieber. You’re welcome.

Posted by Nina

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