The Cool Cousin

We’ve all had those days where absolutely nothing goes according to plan. I’m talking about the kind of day when the food truck runs out of your favorite sandwich by 12:00pm. Or you run into the ex you’ve vowed to never speak to again (bonus points if he’s with a new girl). Best yet, minding your own business waiting to cross the street when a bus speeds by, covering you with slushy, dirty snow from head to feet. You get the point…

Whether I’ve had the minor issue of sleeping through an alarm, or I’m experiencing a full-on Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day kind of day, there’s one voice that always picks me up.

Emergency Compliment is a simple design with a powerful effect. The site spews random, heartfelt compliments meant for times of great insecurity and stress, and allows the user to choose “Thanks! I feel better!” or “I still feel crappy.” I quickly learned to cheat and choose the latter, giving me access to a constant caboodle of compliments. A couple of my favorites include:

Your cousins refer to you as “the cool cousin.”

You don’t get drunk, you get superhuman.

Your pet loves you way too much to ever run away.

Seriously, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to be the cool cousin. Thank you, Emergency Compliment, for teaching us yes, we do have the power to start and WIN a dance-off.

Posted by Kara

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