Pictures So Pretty, You’d Wear ‘Em on Your Head

Image source Etsy

I’m a big top knot fan. Ever since SalonCapri hair guru Nicholas Penna spotted the style trend last summer, it’s been my go-to ‘do for early morning errands, late-night commutes and every other in-between need for speedy chicness.

Combining my high bun love with my (amateur) art admiration, I was naturally attracted to Etsy featured artist Elizabeth Mayville’s cutesy watercolor series dedicated to the quick tie-and-go hairstyle. Seriously, how adorable would her Top Knot series look stacked vertically next to a vanity? I want.

Mayville’s other work isn’t too shabby either. Her “kitchen art” varietals like this perfectly pink grapefruit and daintily placed silverware set would dress up any formerly dreary cooking area.

Santa, are you listening? I think we can both agree that a few of these budget-friendly images would look awfully nice wrapped beneath my tree this year.

Posted by Mary

One response to “Pictures So Pretty, You’d Wear ‘Em on Your Head

  1. Great post and a big ‘Hello’ to another high bun lover!

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