Eat Sweets and Smell Like a Rose

If you’ve ever struggled with deodorant stains, wasted your money on antiperspirant that doesn’t work, or rushed out the door only to forget to put on your Secret Clinical Strength, this one’s for you.

Dubbed “a treat for the senses,” the new Deo Perfume Candy brings science and nature together in a functional food that will leave you smelling like a bed of roses…literally! The edible deodorant innovation from Belgium claims to get rid of body odor from the inside out. The sweet confection is made from Geraniol, a natural antioxidant found in rose oil, which Japanese scientists found aromatizes as it evaporates through the skin, leaving a beautiful rose fragrance.

While the strength and duration of the rose fragrance depends on body weight, Beneo Group developers recommend one serving (four pieces) of Deo Perfume Candy for a person weighing 145 lbs. The treats were only available in Belgium at first, but lucky for you (and your odorous friends), they’re now available on, and are expected to hit US stores soon.

Smell scientists aren’t buying it, but I say Deo deserves a shot so I’ll be stocking up this holiday season. It’s always a challenge figuring out what to get the girl who has everything, so this year, for all my fragrance fanatic friends (or those with B.O.), I’ve got the best stocking stuffers and secret Santa surprises ever! The catch? Not offending those who’s “natural fragrance” has offended you. Here’s to hoping my loved ones still love me after receiving Deo from Santa Katie!

Posted by Katie

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