Movember: Awash in a Sea of Whiskers

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I’ve got to hand it to the guys – Movember is working. Even though I don’t have a prostate (or even a boyfriend), I’m feeling very aware of the importance of cancer screening. There’s plenty of facial hair in Boston right now.

It’s been awesome to see an initiative supporting men’s health gain strength. When I started college, only the edgiest of hipsters rocked a handlebar for a full month and nobody was talking about their prostate. Now I would venture to guess that at least 85% of Mo Bros know what their free pass from shaving for a month is all about. It’s all over the news and that is fantastic.

I’m all for Movember but I do have a personal gripe. I straight up cannot recognize anyone. At an event the other night, I was completely lost. Every male suddenly looked like a thoughtfully groomed bartender and it threw me for a serious loop. Add to that the fact that everyone is now wearing a hood and hat to fend off the Movember chill and I’m totally lost. Guys I’ve known for years adopt an unplaceable air of youthful relevance. Everyone looks like some friend’s ex I ran into in Bushwick. I hug people I think I know with mixed results. But it’s a very small price to pay for better prostate health awareness!

I’m excited that Movember is helping to “change the face of men’s health,” but it does make me wonder – is this how guys feel in a sea of pink-adorned women at breast cancer walks every October?

Posted by Susannah

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