Mile-High Thanksgiving

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Though I’ve waxed lyrical about down-home Southern Thanksgiving dinners in the past, this year I’m thrilled to say I’ll be hunkering down in a more local setting to celebrate the pilgrim’s peaceful feast with the Wampanoag tribe (yes, it’s more than just an excuse for binge-eating). While I’ll miss cream-drenched, sub-Mason-Dixon staples like oyster dressing, creamed onions/peas, sweet potato casserole and giblet gravy, not having to wrestle with holiday travel crowds and conundrums is a godsend. Believe you me, I’ve spent too many cold November nights camped out in airport terminals or nearby Holiday Inns to make those country-fied dishes worth the flight this year.

But for those stubborn souls not yet willing to part with their holiday wanderlust, airlines like Etihad Airways and Air Berlin are serving up Turkey Day feasts aboard flights today. While jet-setting to far-flung destinations (Dusseldorf! Mumbai!), guests nosh on multi-course repasts featuring the usual Thanksgiving suspects (turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, etc.).

While I like this idea in theory, somehow, eating sodium-packed, mass-prepared meals trucked in from a commissary doesn’t make Thanksgiving-day travel sound any more appealing.  This year I’m giving thanks for staying close to home!

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