One More Reason to Conceive…The Baby Mop!

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Hate cleaning your house? Sick and tired of mopping that perpetually dirty floor? If you’re childless, then saddle up, because it’s time to conceive. For only $40, you can be the proud owner of the Baby Mop from! These onesies boast comfort, unmatched utility and have ultra-absorbent materials that are engineered to give your floor a squeaky clean glow as your baby crawls around your house. What first started as a spoof on SNL, has turned into a living, breathing, cleaning product.

Think of all the benefits you’ll reap! With your baby doubling as a cleaning tool, it will also teach them discipline. Not only will your baby no longer drop food on the floor without cleaning it up, but they will learn how to pull their weight around the house at an early age. Plus, think about the toned muscles they’ll have – what’s sexier than a baby with a six-pack?! With The Baby Mop, your cleaning costs will be slashed and you’ll have a ton of extra time on your hands.

In case you’re still not convinced, here’s a real review from a user on their site:

“I just gotta say that I absolutely love these! I bought a dozen of these for my day care. All my kids wear them and my floors are very clean by the end of every day. They aren’t spotless since these mops aren’t wet and can’t clean up dried up liquids. You can experiment with spraying the kids with water when they crawl to see if that helps.” – Pat,

Although I’m not ready to conceive or give up my traditional cleaning methods for The Baby Mop, I definitely see this as a hilarious baby shower gag gift. To my future children – prepare to get your clean on!

Posted by Carolyn

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