Snug as a Bug in a Rainbow Brite Rug

As my office mates (or pretty much anyone who spends a significant amount of time with me) can attest, I have an abnormally low body temperature. Or maybe I’m just a serious wimp when it comes to being cold. Either way, more often than not you’ll find me 10 layers deep in sweaters, scarves and throws, cranking the heat up to a pleasant 80 degrees (why anyone chooses to keep a room sub 75 is beyond me).

With that image in mind, you can gather how well I tolerate frigid New England winters (hint: not well at all). So this year, I’m investing in a little number that melds my two great loves: fuzzy blankets and ‘80s pop culture. Part Snuggie, part costume and part pure genius, the Rainbow Brite Snuggler is soon to be mine for a mere 20 buckaroos. And while it may not be making an appearance at the office (pretty please, Marlo?), the sleeved blanket is sure to be a fixture for snowy nights parked on the couch, glass of red wine in hand.

Hmm, maybe I’ll look into a Stretch Armstrong version for the boyfriend…

Posted by Abby

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