OKCupid Wants to Fix You Up; With a Roommate?!

Image source ScreenRant.com

Unless you’re a rich kid of Instagram, living in a city like Boston is only feasible when you’re splitting the rent. Whether you’re fresh off the bus from Lima, Ohio or you caught your live-in boyfriend cheating on you (see: New Girl), finding a compatible roommate can be a very common challenge for the young urban dweller. For years, the only roommate finding service available was Craigslist, and trust me, you don’t want to start there.

But fear no more, OkCupid, the only socially acceptable dating site, is finally developing a website that will allow people to look for housemates using a system that will mirror the one the service uses to search for ideal romantic matches. According to OKCupid co-founder and CEO Sam Yagan, the algorithms that the site uses to find perfect couples can be easily tweaked and used to look for compatible roommates. Makes sense, right?

Would you consider signing up for OKCupid’s new roommate finding service when it launches? Beats the hell out of risking a Craigslist killer situation, so I’m in. Date, optional!

Posted by Jessica

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