Wear Your Perfume on Your Gloves, Not Your Wrist

Image source Perfume Shrine

These may look like ordinary leather gloves, but trust me, they’re everything but…

Raise your hand if you knew that a 17th century tradition was to soak gloves in floral water, acting as a perfume for women while simultaneously masking odors in the air? I sure as hell didn’t, but according to the October issue of InStyle, this was a common practice in the early years of perfume wearing.

Thanks to L’Artisan Parfumeur, we can soon step back in time and once again, wear our signature scent on our hands. Launched earlier this week and ringing in at $480, the perfumery will be selling leather gloves that boast an “irresistible berry scent.” Think of it this way – everyone you touch will have your pleasant fragrance lingering on them.  Shit, we need to pass these puppies out for free on the MBTA…ASAP!

Now, don’t be thinking these scented mitts are like those scratch ‘n stiff stickers we all use to get high on in elementary school, L’Artisan Parfumeur claims the scent will last three years before fading. Keeping your paws warm while making you smell delicious, what’s not to love?

Now if only we could bring back chivalry from the 17th century, we’d be all set.

Posted by Alyssa

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