Finger Painting 2.0

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Ever thought about where we would be without our fingers? Me neither. Sure, they help us do a lot: text on touch screens, type on laptops, make inappropriate hand motions, speak in sign language…the list goes on.

But 33 year-old Italian art director Dito Von Tease (whose alias is inspired by burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese), has taken his appreciation of fingers to a whole new level. Il Dito (translating to finger in Italian) creates amazing portraits of celebrities, historical figures, and fictional characters. Here’s the catch: the canvases for these impressive works of art are Dito’s fingertips. Don’t let the description fool you; these aren’t your typical toddler’s finger paintings. With the help of Photoshop, Dito has disguised his fingers as uncanny replicas of everyone from Jesus and the Dalai Lama to Shrek and Mickey Mouse. This elementary hobby must consume an alarming portion of his life.

Ditology, Dito’s art project-turned-social commentary, came about randomly three years ago. The first finger, er, portrait was created to be used as his Facebook profile picture. He literally wanted to hide behind a finger to protect his identity: “I wanted to be free from my role, [from] oppressive relatives and not-very-friends…so I decided to create an avatar,” reports Mashable. (Apparently Facebook’s privacy settings didn’t do the trick.) He also wanted to comment on how fingers are an important tool in our digital world, where we use our index finger to use touch screens. By intentionally choosing the pointer finger as his medium, he hoped that viewers would turn the fingers on themselves and start thinking about their own online identities. Interesting. While Dito’s digital art may point some thoughts in a new direction, I don’t feel particularly inspired to redefine my digital identity to my middle, ring, or pinky any time soon.

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