The Male Mind, Decoded

Image Source The Guardian

Ladies, we all know there have been times when you’re into a guy and you drive yourself insane trying to decipher his texts. Even the littlest details, like a “k” instead of an “ok” or whether it takes 5 minutes or 5 hours to receive a response can capture your mind and destroy any chance that you will be able to get on with your life without figuring out exactly what he meant. Enter It was listening to girlfriends overanalyze texts from men that sparked the idea for the site, founder Lisa Winning told the Herald.

Once women post their bewildering texts from men on the site, visitors can vote “He’s Into You,” “He’s Not Into You,” or “Verdict is Still Out.”  Comments are allowed for more in-depth (and ruthless) responses to the situation. As you can imagine, the people who post responses are not the friendliest bunch.

If you still want more insight, and you’re looking to hear from the dreaded species itself, you can privately “Ask a Bro.” Mason, Ben, Tim and Chris are Ray Ban-wearing fellas who claim to know what’s going on inside our lovelorn minds (claim…ahem).

I think the concept of this site is interesting, and it doesn’t surprise me that it went viral in a week or so. However, I fear it will turn into a bunch of fake posts to garner attention and be more of a joke site than an actual resource for women as it was intended. Like, this has to be fake, right?

Apparently will be launched by the end of the year by the same founders. Can I nominate myself for “Ask a Chick?” I am the (self-proclaimed) queen of overanalyzing texts and I think all men want to know what a single girl with a pretty harsh track record with men has to say, amiright?!

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